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Coffee is 98% water so purity matters. We purify every drop removing solubles and minerals to exacting standards, so nothing gets in the way of the perfect brew. Who says chemistry class was a waste of time?

xtreme bean entertainment

Music, art, and coffee. 



Do you like to sing?

Do you play piano/and or guitar?


The Jack Wells & Friends musical group meets every Monday night from 7:30-10 or 11 pm.


They play ragtime & good old songs (from 1930's to present).

The group has the lyrics to all the older songs on their cell phones so just COME ON DOWN!


Especially welcome are seniors who appreciate the older tunes...vintage, I guess you'd call it.


The piano is a Petroff, handcrafted in Czechoslovakia & every key is individually balanced...easy to play.


COME ON DOWN!! They'll greet you Monday night!



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